7 Most Effective Free SEO Tools

SEO Tools

Are you looking for new SEO tools? The good news is you can find effective ones that are also free. There’s many to pick from and here are some of the top ones:

SEO Tools

1. Answer the Public:

This visual tool for keyword research provides search phrases that are in the form of questions. The tool collects data from Google Autosuggest and lets you quickly find hundreds of key terms. It also provides you an understanding of how your target market is doing searches. Something to keep in mind is the tool doesn’t provide search volume/competition data. It stead centers on representing search phrases visually.

2. Google Trends:

If you want to learn the popularity of a keyword then this is tool you should definitely consider using. It can provide a timeline of overall interest of search phrases that go back to the year 2004. The tool makes sure your keywords are trending up. This helps to save you time/money by ending wasting money on old key phrases. This is a good tool for finding related queries, checking keyword popularity, regional keyword interest, and comparing keyword interest.

3. Google Keyword Planner:

This is the only tool that provides keyword data that’s directly from Google. Many changes to the software from the world’s largest search engine has limited the data’s accuracy, it’s still a very practical and helpful research tool. It offers suggested bids/metrics on a keyword phrase’s competitiveness, and AdWords search volume. These are effective tools. It’s a good option for keywords grouping, high-level keyword research, generating keyword ideas, and exporting keywords.

4. Quicksprout:

Here’s a quick analysis tool for websites that combines analytics/site performance. It’s different from other tools since it lets you connect Google Analytics accounts to the company’s services. The tool evaluates a website’s SEO, and helps figure out Google Analytics reports. It also gives recommendations/alerts after finding an area for improvement.

5. Woorank:

This Chrome extension is easy to use. It gives you a one-click scan of any site you’re viewing. The report grades the site and also gives feedback about on-page SEO elements like the page title, meta description length, and so on. This Woorank report also includes helpful scans of responsive web design (RWD), social engagement, and site speed.

6. The Reddit Keyword Research Tool:

Keywordrddit is a research tool for keywords that pulls terms from the social platform Reddit. The tool generates phrases from various popular subreddits. It also lets you check how a keyword is used within Reddit. This is a helpful way to get insights about how searches are being done on the social network. This tool is good for generating seed keywords, alternative keywords, and gaining perspective.

7. Open SEO Stats:

If you’re looking for a free SEO tool this is it! It’s a free extension for Google Chrome used for providing fast insights about on-page SEO for web pages. The extension helps find on-page SEO elements including meta description, H1/H2, and title. It lets you quickly audit a web page in a quick/easy way. This ends the need to spend tons of time scrolling through a page’s source code.